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Whips and lashes are an obligatory element of naughty BDSM style plays. They can various versions - made of natural or artificial leather, have large or small amount of stripes, which can be additionally topped with hooks or knots. The most popular one is the version with a short handle and one plaited tail. Such erotic toy is addressed to advanced persons as mastering its use requires some experience.

One must learn how to whip skin only with topping as well as to hit the desired area and how to make skin get red without cutting it. Those who prefer more gentle playing should choose cloth whips with a small number of stripes.

A similar toy is a lash. The difference is that the tails for whipping are few times longer. In comparison to whip, this toy is easier to operate for persons making first steps in BDSM. For the start, you can select models not for giving pain but rather for role-playing. Very often, they have wider stripes of cloth, which can not harm skin. There are various types available on the market, and the most popular ones include those made of leather and suede. They can be topped with small balls or hitches.

Uniquely sensitive persons can think about a lash in the form of a feather duster. If one decides to play with such gadgets, it is worth to remember not to hit a partner in the face, neck, belly or ankles. A dominated person should stay in a supported kneeling position and smooches should start from petting skin. Only next you can forward to delicate strokes and stronger hits. An interesting addition to whips and lashes can be an eye band or handcuffs what makes domination more pleasurable.

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