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Swimsuit is indispensable item for holiday trips but not only. It can be a good wear for frolics in water-side or in Jacuzzi. If properly selected, it can hide flaws of the figure and emphasize the prettiest areas.


Ladies with big breast should choose highly covering bra with deep cups and broad shoulder-straps. Women who have smaller breast will look best wearing classical bras, with sponge filling and large colourful patters as well as push-ups, visually enlarging breast and getting them higher. Various types of applications, shiny materials as well as light and intensive colours - all of these will be a good choice.


Bandage bras with small patterns are not recommended to women with small breast. If you have a problem with too short legs, you should choose high wasted panties. It will make the line of legs visually longer, while the trunk will look shorter. Short waist panties and shorts are not recommended. Women with broad arms should choose bras with wide shoulder straps, and those who additionally have small breast, should use a push-up bra. A favourable for them will be also a bra strapped on neck, making arms lighter and visually narrower.


Such ladies should avoid bondage bras, vertical shoulder-straps and patterns with vertical stripes. When you suffer from a lack of waistline, pick a one-piece, dark swimsuit with light doodle patterns at the area of waist. A good idea for such situation is also a bikini with light patterned upper part and lower part in the form of hip-huggers of soft colours. High-waisted panties with distinct patterns are not recommended.


If you have a short neck, choose a V-neck bra, having dark bonding. However, you should not use small round necklines or bras with broad shoulder-straps.

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