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Suspender/Garter Belts

Still dozens of years ago, garter belts were an inseparable element of wear of each woman. Nowadays, most of them are treated like an interesting phenomenon, aimed at enriching erotic life and to intrigue a partner. Such belt can also be used for modelling the figure and, as its name indicates, to hold garter. They can be divided in accordance to the number of garters and the width.

The first parameter is very essential as it allows garter to be held at one place for a whole day. Belts can be composed of from 4 to even 14 garters. The most optimal solution is a belt with 6 garters, 3 per each leg, thanks to which a stocking is attached to three sides. Belts with 8 and more garters are suitable for more fluffy women or lovers of nylon stockings. As far as the width is concerned, there are four types of belts. It can be a thin belt, half-full belt of the width ranging from 15 to 20 centimetres, full - 25 to 28 centimetres and forming - from 28 to 35 centimetres.

The first one serves only the decorative function, the second one is regarded as the most universal one, the third can be worn only on waist and is used for modelling it, while the fourth one ranges from waist over butt-cheeks and is to flatten belly, model hips and emphasize waistline and protrusion of butt-cheeks.

Belts can be attached not only to stockings but also to corsets, half-corsets or bodies. A properly selected belt should be comfortable and garters so tensed in order to keep a stocking at one place for a whole day. Back garters should come next to butt-cheeks, what prevents from feeling them when sitting. Their regulators and clips should be made of metal, not plastic.

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