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Stockings & Hold-ups

Stockings are a great alternative to pantyhose - not only more comfortable and sexier, but also make legs more slender and it is easier to fit them to the figure. Unfortunately, size range and cuts of pantyhose are sometimes limited that many women decide not to wear skirts or dresses due to that.


There are two main types of stockings - hold-ups and stockings with suspenders. The former have silicone bands thanks to which there is no need to wear a suspender belt. The selection criterion is the measurement of the thigh. Ladies with fuller figures should not decide to this type of stocking as constriction can result in not aesthetic folds on legs. The second type is stockings with a suspender belt. The best ones are those with metal clasps and at least four garters.


Important criteria when selecting such stockings are the weight and the height of a person. Another division of stockings is into elastic and nylon. The former are chosen considering the height, weight, preferred height of the band on the thigh and measurement of the thigh at the level of the band. In case of the second type, please consider the length and width of foot, the height, weight and preferred height of band on the thigh. It is worth to remember that nylon stockings do not stretch almost at all.


Why is the selection of a proper size of stocking so important? When you select too small ones, lacing of band or silicone stripes can be damaged, area of toes can be fast deteriorated and even small flaw can transform into large ladders. On the other hand, too large stockings will result in visible not aesthetic creasing in the areas of feet, ankles and knees and unequal dyeing in the area of knees. When you have too narrow stockings, you must be aware that there will appear unnatural creasing in the areas of ankles and knees, while in case of too broad ones - formation of so called bun at the internal side of thighs.

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