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Pantyhose are an inseparable element of wear of each woman. They can be worn with skirts, dresses as well as... in a bedroom, where they can be an element of a sexy outfit.


Pantyhose are produces of various materials. One of them is elastane - very flexible material, which after being stretched, it returns to its original form. Pantyhose made of such material is not tight on legs and do not over-stretch over the time. They are also produced of Lycra 3D - in such material, yarn is knit in each row, what makes they stretch well and ideally fit on legs. In the market, there are also those produced of stretch fabric, a very stretchy flexible material. One should be aware that it does not tight legs as much as Lycra and it may slightly stretch out over the time.


As far as pantyhose thickness is concerned, it is marked in den or dtex scales. Both units refer to the weight of fibres of particular length. In case of den, we consider fibres of the length of 9000 meters, while 1000 meters in case of dtex. Pantyhose can have the thickness ranging from 5 den (6 dtex) to 250 den (280 dtex). The most popular densities in the market are: 8 den (9 dtex), 15 den (17 dtex), 20 den (22 dtex), 40 den (44 dtex), 60 den (67 dtex) and 100 den (111 dtex). 5-8 den are the best choice for hot summer days, 15-20 den should be worn to office, evening events and on warm but not hot days, 40-60 den is a good idea for early Spring and Fall, when women wear boots and high boots, as well as under trousers. Most often, they have an addition of wool, acrylic or cotton.


They can be divided into those with the panty portion and crotchless ones. The first type provides an additional protection against damages, as well as mechanical injuries and cold. An important element of pantyhose is also the belt, which can model the figure as well as non-pressure bands. The wider it is, the more comfortable pantyhose are. People who do not like the situation when the belt stands out the line of skirt, can choose hip-huggers, i.e. long-wasted pantyhose.

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