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Men's Underwear & Costumes

Since recently, men did not pay much attention to underwear they wore and focused more on comfort than look. However, currently the situation is beginning to change and we observe more types of men's lingerie in various colours and styling.


The most popular are briefs, i.e. classical one, without legs and covering the body from waist to thigh. They can be worn to various types of trousers, also to suits. One of types is so called bikini briefs, which are more cut out, have a narrower waist band and uncover a greater part of a thigh. Equally popular type is boxer shorts, valued for their loose form and comfortableness. These are loose not constricting pants with buttons in front. They can be worn during the day but also for sleeping. Most often, manufactured of cotton, but sometimes also of synthetic fabrics. It is not recommended to wear them for sport activities. Another recently popular product is shorts, sometimes called short boxers. They have short legs like boxers but they are not so loose.


Mainly produced of flexible materials, fitting to the body, providing comfort and leaving no marks on trousers. Sport active persons should choose thermoactive underwear, made of fast-drying material, carrying sweat away and having bacteriostatic characteristics. For water sports, we recommend swimming trunks, long or short, tight or loose, of styling of boxers, briefs or shorts. As far as erotic lingerie is concerned, the best selection is thongs, looking the same as their female versions. They are often made of leather or coriaceous material. Sometimes, they have a funny addition in the front, like a trunk of an elephant.

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