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Properly selected sensual lingerie is a perfect way to liven up your erotic life. Thanks to the rich range of products, everyone can find something interesting, regardless the shape or taste.

The most popular type is sets, which are available in numerous configurations. Apart from those traditional with a bra and thong or panties, there are also those including a tube top and a short skirt or a short blouse and shorts.

Body is a great alternative for traditional sets. Such lingerie with jewellery decorations, or being a composition of thin stripes or having tempting binding in the form of a bow can look extremely outstanding.

A very interesting type is Leather lingerie, a good choice for all fascinated by BDSM style games. Leather can be the material for corsets, skirts, dresses or gloves.

Ladies who like extremely intensive sensations can be interested in Latex, Vinyl, and Fetish lingerie. Each man will be very hot seeing shiny black stockings, a skirt showing butt-chicks or a costume with cut outs on back and thighs.

Another popular product is Corsets, which can serve the role of underlining shapes but also to model a figure. They often have binding shoulder-straps or don't have them at all, have a various amount of underwires and hangers for stockings, uncover whole breasts or only part of them.

Many ladies choose Bodystocking lingerie, which has the form of a one-part costume with a sexy cut-out in crotch. It can have long sleeves, thin shoulder-straps, be completely transparent, semi-transparent or made of nylon or vinyl.

Equally interesting look is in case of Shirts and dresses. Depending on preferences, one can choose a satin, seamless or uncovering breast (peek-a-boo) shirt. Push-up models are perfect for ladies with small breast and the babydool for those with more profuse shapes.

If we take a look at Dresses, for your bedroom games we recommend those voracious with leopard pattern, semi-transparent or long-sleeved.

Long Dresses with side cuts, cut-outs on hips or with short fronts and longer backs.

On lingerie, you can wear Negligees or Dressing gowns. They can be bound at front, decorated with feathers or have unique barfed inserts.

Swimming suits are equally sexy like lingerie. They can be composed of a bra or a top and panties, thong or a short dress.

More curvy women should choose Fluffy/XL+ lingerie, covering flaws of the figure at the same time exposing its good sides. Corsets hiding bellies or loose nighties are suitable for more fluffy ladies.

A nice complementation for a sexy bra is thongs, panties or shorts. They can be made of latex, Lycra or lace and have jewellery decorations or a brave cut-out on front.

A sexy wear should also include Stockings, which are not only a tempting element, but will also make legs look longer. They are made of polyamide, nylon or eco-leather and can be decorated with bound laces or colourful ribbons.

Tights are an alternative for stockings. Apart from classic versions, they can have also cut-outs on butt-cheeks or on the whole length or have a net made of large mesh.

Men who want to surprise their ladies should be interested in Men lingerie. Not only tight pants or thongs but also sexy costumes, for example of a soldier or Tarzan.

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