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High heels


High-heeled shoes are an inseparable element of the wardrobe of each lady - they provide self-confidence, make the figure more slender and look light and sexy, as well as the walk. Such shoes should be selected in the afternoon, as then feet are slightly wider and longer. When selecting high heels, one should check if the heel is embedded in the centre of the foot heel - it makes it more stable. Another important thing is that proportions between the heel height and the feet length were not too large. Over ten centimetre heels are not recommended to women with small feet - the whole body mass is transmitted into toes, what makes walking not comfortable. A good idea is heels with platforms - they increase the comfort of walking and provide greater stability. It is best to invest in well profiled shoes, made of genuine leather - they will be with you for a long time and there is no threat of chafes on hot days. Women who rarely wear high heels, should choose a little thicker version of heels. Those thinner are less stable and more shaky - such heals are suitable only for women who are skilled in walking in such shoes. Shoes with clasps or laced one will better fit to feet than those slipped. When trying on chosen models, one should remember to wear both of them, walk several times around the shop and check if the shoes well adjust to feet and do not pinch them. When walking, you should feel that the body weight is not put only on the front part of a foot but all over it. A feet should never move towards the shoe front and constrict toes. For trying on high heeled shoes, you better wear thin socks or pantyhose.

This category offers shoes of various types - classical in red, white or black, or crazier ones with snake or military patters. The can be slip on as well as those with belts or strips along ankles or calves. They can be made of various materials - from natural or lacquered leather, to ecological leather. What is more, they can be covered with glitter or diamantes. Not only traditional styling is available - women who love some extravagancy will find something for them as well. They will, for sure, like the shoes with effective socks ranging the half of thighs, referring to Oxford shoes, to those with fanciful heels in the form of wheels. The height of heels ranges from 10 to 14 centimetres, thanks to which, even ladies having not great experience in wearing high-heeled shoes can also find something interesting for them.

Sandals and flip-flops are equally sexy. Most often colours are black, white and red, but there are also goods for fans of pink, gold and violet. Sandals and flip-flops can be slip on, with a belt around ankle or strapped around ankles or along calves. They are mainly produced of vinyl, plastics, lacquered leather and natural leather. Apart from classical styling, we offer also more original modes – decorated with shiny crystals or stones, butterflies, double valance or without a traditional heel but sill being very comfortable. The length of heels ranges from 10 to 16 centimetres.

This category also includes high boots, which can be slip on, with a zipper, strapped on or with belts with effective clasps. Apart from single-colour models, there are also black and white, black and green, decorated with star motifs or decorative buttons. They are manufactured of various materials: natural or lacquered leather or synthetic materials. Their heels range from ten to fourteen centimetres.

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