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Role-playing is a good way to have an interesting foreplay, warming up both men and women. As there are various types of sexy costumes on the market, everyone can find something interesting.

An example of a popular item is the Nurse Costume. It can be a one-piece suit, a short skirt, a set including a bra and a skirt or panties as well as a zip-up apron. Accessories greatly beefing up the costume include a cap, a stethoscope and a syringe.

Many men like also the Schoolgirl Costume. It mainly includes a short, below-breast tied top and a tartan skirt. Additions may include a tie or glasses.

Another sexy item is the Maid Costume, which can be composed of a bra or a top and a skirt or a thong, a one-piece costume with side cutting or a short dress. No sexy maid can work without an apron, a cap and a feather duster.

If one wants to heat her man, she must choose the Cat girl Costume. This type of costume can have a form of a single-piece outfit with side cuttings, a corset, a bra or a top and a thong or panties or a short dress. Necessary elements include cat ears and a tail.

Bunny Costumes are also of a great interest. Again, we have several versions: a sexy body, a corset or a short top, accompanied by bunny ears and buttoned cuffs.

We can recommend Policewoman Costumes to men who like being dominated. They can be composed of a short dress, a top or a wet-look skirt, or a semi-transparent corset and a thong or panties. A police cap, aviators, a tie and handcuffs will make the costume more real.

The similar climate is observed for Soldier-girl Costumes. Here, we can select a short dress or a bra with an extra-short skirt. All items can be in characteristic military shades of green or even pink.

Other naughty products are Gangsta-girl Costumes, corresponding to the 1950s style. It can be a corset with buttons or a top presenting breast with effective strings and a thong or shorts. A great addition shall be a gangsta hat.

Sailor-girl Costumes are quite effective - available in red, white, and blue style. They can have a form of a short slim fit dress with valances or piercing or a top and a skirt, of course with an indispensable marine cap.

Many women feel great is the Secretary Costume, composed of a black and white dress and a tie or a top and a skirt. A good addition would be red lips and glasses.

Now, let's take a look at the Waitress Costumes, which, apart from a short dress with valances or uncovered breast can also wear a bra or a top and a skirt. Costumes of such type are kept in black and white style with pink accents.

A woman in the Stewardess Costume is equally sexy. It can include a vinyl costume, a short shirt or a bra and a skirt or a corset with a basquine, in several colour versions - from black and white to pink and blue.

Fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean will for sure love Pirate girl Costumes. Apart from a corset or a dress with valances, you can select also an original set composed of a corset and 3/4 trousers with valances. A good idea for additions is an eye patch, a headscarf or skull-motif stockings.

Supporter will love Sport Costumes. A sexy supporter can wear a slim fit dress, a lace blouse and shorts or a top and a skirt.

Our bedroom can host also a sexy farm-girl. Farm-girl Costumes include a short top and a skirt with valances and an optional laced-up corset or individual sleeves.

Mainly during Christmas, but not only, Santa Girl Costumes are a great solution. Several combinations are available - a dress, a buttoned shirt or a corset with thong or a top or a bra with a skirt, panties or thong. All decorated with white fluff and of course - a Santa's cap.

Fairytale Costumes are especially interesting. We can select the sexy Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood or an elf, and many other.

The Angel Costume is especially designed for women who like to tempt with their innocence. It includes a dress, thong, over knee socks and wings and an aureole.

There are also items for more naughty ladies. An ideal option is the Devil Costume. They can have the form of a leather-like material dress, a body and panties or a corset with a skirt. We can not forget about horns and a tail.

But this is not all - another interesting category is Other Costumes, where we can find costumes of a nun, a bride or Batman.

These types of costumes must include additions such as stockings, over knee socks or hair bows.

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