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Nowadays, a corset is a popular type of lingerie, which can be worn in a bedroom but also everyday. The most important issue at selection is ideal fitting to the figure. A corset should not stand out or be too tight in any place. When you buy one, consider the type of your figure as well as think what you want to emphasize and what to hide.


If you want a corset to be worn everyday, it is best to choose an underbust model, with metal spiral underwires or high quality plastic underwires. If you want to have the hourglass figure, please choose a modelling corset, with a short waistline. You should also remember that it takes much time and requires much patience to achieve a significant waist measurement reduction. A corset and the body must become accustomed to large embrace. Thus, you should not strap it to much at the beginning.


When a corset is to be an element of an outfit for a party, we recommend models with metal or plastic underwires. A good selection is models decorated with lacing or untypical colours and patterns. A corset which will serve the function of erotic lingerie should be light and allow easy movements. As it should not be boned too much, pick a model with a less number of bones. Your partner will be able to take it off more easily when you select a model with hook and eye or with a zipper.


Women with smaller breast should focus on underbust corsets, while those with larger one - a corset with cups or broaden panel in the breast area. In terms of their construction, corsets can be divided into underbust, i.e. ranging below the breast line, and overbust, i.e. covering breasts. Types of underbust corsets include: traditional (beginning at the level of hips and ending below breast), longine (a longer type, best for taller ladies or those with a longer trunk). On the other hand, overbust corsets can be divided into: traditional models, suitable for women of most types of figures, short models for short women or those with short trunk, and long for tall ladies, those with long trunk and those who want to hide imperfections on belly and hips.

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