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Clubwear & Dancewear

Clubwear & Dancewear is the category created especially for the lovers of clubbing and sexy dancing. It offers clothes and accessories which are perfect not only for a club but also for a sexy dance for your partner in the bedroom. All men dream of a private striptease or lap dance.

Here, you can find e.g. Blouses and Tops of various types. Ladies who like classics will like tight tops of numerous styles - with shoulder-straps, bound on neck, uncovering arms, short and long sleeved and of various colours - what black and white to pink, cobalt and yellow. They look effectively thanks to zirconium decorations, metal rings, chains, fishnet patterns or made of fishnet of tiny or large mesh. More brave ladies will feel good in sexy bras manufactured of a mixture of rubber or tulle and artificial leatherette material, wet-look with a zipper, Lycra or silver chains.

Indispensable elements of the suit for sexy dancing include also short Skirts, best if in shades of red or black. They can have a vertical zipper, tempting to be opened, decorated with latex bows or joined by silver chains or metal applications. We offer skirts of straight styles as well as pleated, flared or with a hot sexy cut-out on butt.

Ladies who do not like skirts can focus on sexy Shorts and pants. Main colours apart from black include gold, violet and leopard-print. They can be stretched, with a zipper, bounded with ribbon or with a decorative zipper, with a cut-out on butt-cheeks or voracious chains. Most common materials include wet-look and Lycra.

Leggings are an alternative for skirts and shorts. They can be classic - to midsection or half-tights and fully covering or semi-transparent. Apart from Lycra and wet-look models, there are also nylon versions. Leggings can be smooth, with lace decorations around ankle, tucking by foot, back or side bonding, leopard-print or a pattern with hearts.

If you go to a club, take a look at Dresses. They can have short or long sleeves, be thinner or thicker, bounded on neck or have tube style. Most often, they are produced of wet-look material, Lycra, tulle, nylon and polyester. Cabaret or lace inserts, cuts at front or back, decorations of spikes on arms, crystal belt or a composition of stripes on back can give them an original and sexy character. As far as colours are concerned, we have a great freedom of choice. This category includes dresses in shades of black, red, gold, yellow, or leopard-print.

Ladies can have an outstanding look in Go-Go sets, which can include a short skirt and a tube top, very short shorts and long-sleeve blouse, a bra and thongs or a dress with a bikini. The character can be enriched by corset binding, tempting cuts on back or side and transparent inserts. Materials include Lycra, wet-look, nylon and microfiber.

Club style of such type needs also proper Additions. For example, striped or zebra tube socks, furry cosies, wet-look stockings with colourful back binding, garters bound around legs or sexy breast tattoos.

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