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Accessories & Sex Toys

The secret of a good sexual life is not only sensual lingerie or naughty costumes. Accessories will make your bedroom spicier.

Lovers of strong experiences will like BDSM Sets and accessories. Ladies can dominate their men using long tape decorated with sacks with pearls or furry handcuffs, while men can bind their partners using a long smooth sensual band or a rubber gag.

Similar toys can be found in Handcuffs and bands category. Former can be made of fluffy fur or leather and metal spikes, while latter of suede, silk or jacquard cloth.

Masks are a good idea to increase the temperature in your bedroom. There are lace masks resembling elegant jewellery, those made of leather and decorated with diamantes, vinyl making a girl look like a sexy kitten or Venetian masks, which can be used also for more courteous situations.

Hide-and-seek in a bedroom? Why not? Eye bands will be very useful for this. They are those made of latex with spikes, a mixture of satin and artificial leather or lace, silk satin and Swarovski crystals.

Speaking of Swarovski crystals - Crystal and Swarovski jewellery is a perfect supplementation of bedroom outfits. A shiny necklace, a necklace with diamonds or a cute necklet in the shape of a tie for the neck. Lace bracelet in the form of a glove, a bracelet in the shape of hearts or a three-finger wide bracelet made of crystals with a little string for hands. This category also includes earrings, hip belts or necklaces sensually coming from a neck to a waist.

Speaking still of jewellery - there are also sexy neck decorations. They can be made of lace or suede leather and be decorated with shiny crystals or motifs of roses or fur with shiny stones.

Another idea to make your neck decorated is Fur scarves - from white, black to pink, which can be used during a sensual dance or domination games.

Gloves are another way to warm up your bedroom plays. BDSM fans will like those made of wet-look materials with decorative zips or tempting bonding on the whole length. Other intriguing proposition is the model made of delicate translucent tulle with shiny crystals or satin with a bow and mesh cut-out.

Sexy Stockings - useful accessories for our bedrooms. They can be a combination of satin and lace, polyester and fur or Lycra. Decorations include a nice bow, a zircon flower or... a miniature gun.

All looking for an alternative for classic bras should select sensual Nipple tassels. There are various versions of them: can be decorated with bows, feathers or fringes and made of polyester, polyamide or sparkling crystals.

An interesting decoration of skin is washable Tattoos or various shapes and sizes. You can choose a skull, a flower or a heart and put it on your back shoulder or above butt-cheeks.

Wigs will completely change your look in the bedroom. They can instantly make you have profuse curls, long straight hair with a fringe or a bob. You can also become a sexy schoolgirl or a geisha.

All fans of Dorian Grey series will love our 50 Shades of Grey collection, including various bonding sets, dildos or anal plugs.

For those who like sweets, we offer Erotic Sweets section. This range of products includes edible body markers or chocolates and jelly beans of naughty shapes.

In your bedroom, you can play Erotic Games like 50 Delightful Nights, Chilli or Lollipop.

Foreplay can be beefed up by Sexy Gadgets as a tickling feather or floating candle providing sensual scents.

Next, you can proceed to Toys for Adults - dildos, penis rings or anal balls.

If you do not have any idea for a sensual gift for your partner, check our Pheromones section, i.e. unique perfumes having an attracting influence on the opposite sex or Love Cosmetics like massage candles or various intimate gels.

You can also buy a Voucher of the value from 10 to 100£, thanks to which she will choose a product, exactly that she needs.

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